The open hearted have nothing to fear

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Luke and I talk turn ons and turn offs in this weeks EXTRA dose!! Get it while it’s hot.

Sunday blues…

Sunday blues…

It feels like forever since our last Q&A! Thanks for all your questions, take a peek to see if we answered yours!!

Ask us anything! We’re doing a Q&A tomorrow. ✌️✌️

How have I only just downloaded xkit??

In your 3rd video (Q&A) you said that you did not look like anyone ,but I know exactly who you look like. Actually you look like two people.David Nolan (Prince Charming) and leroy (Grumpy, the seven dwarves) form the T.V. series Once Upon A Time. Now any self respecting person would Know this show and if you don't I...well I don't know what I will do but it will be bad. PS. look up these two people and buy all the seasons it is literally the best show ever made. #ItIsAllAboutDisney

I’m not sure I look like these people? Can anyone else see the resemblance?

How did your wedding recently compare to when you first said 'I do' ?

It was like a completely different type of ceremony, the first was more formal and definitely hit home that we were really tying the knot; whereas the second felt more of a celebration. They were both amazing and I think more people should have two weddings!! Haha.

Name something that you absolutely despise about society

Intolerance :(